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by norbertonoreauDespués de tantos meses de cambios y adaptaciones, 2022 es el año del emprendimiento!

Es algo para nuevos emprendedores como para empresarios de éxito que quieran expandir su compañía o embarcarse en nuevos proyectos.


Our Offers

We offer consulting, professional and confidential intermediary for

• Sale and Merger Processes,
• Search for Intl. Partners and Investors.
• Business Shareholding,
• Franchising.

Our basis is professionalism, confidentiality and discretion in all our operations.

Check our steps in the following boxes for a successful closing!


Offering Package

To market companies effectively we provide the buyer with a complete offering package.


Depending on the size of the company this package will contain:
Licenses, permits, historical financial information, statistics, competition, market share, organizational structure, equipment leases, management contracts, service contracts, etc.

Business Value

Value of businesses of considerable size, are based on the cap-rate which is derived from financial history, actual performance and future expectations.

Small business values are mainly based on their financial adjusted cash flow.

We analyze the business and suggest a realistic price and terms. For a larger business we recommend a third party valuation.



Target Client

Allied Management Ltd. market the business not only to the local area. We work with a larger network of associate brokers throughout North Europe, Eastern Europe and worldwide.


We advertise and present the business to qualified potential purchasers. We interview buyers to eliminate those who are unable to purchase the business.


We can market businesses for sale without customers, competitors, employees or bankers knowing that it is for sale.

No business name, street address or any other information will be provided until the prospective buyer has signed a confidentiality agreement. Further meetings we also schedule on other places during the negociation process.




We encourage buyers to write a fair offer and present it to the seller. He may accept the offer as presented or he may structure a counter offer.


We create a mutually acceptable agreement and it becomes a contingent purchase and sale agreement.

All parties then sign the final agreement, the business is transferred and funds are distributed.


With the sale of a business, the owner should seriously consider financing part of the sale. This will increase the chance of a successful sale, it may be helpful in obtaining a better price, and it also demonstrates high owner confidence in the business.

We have excellent contacts for business financing available from "Investment Groups", "Equity Groups" and "Capital Markets".



lower 300.000 Euros | 8%,
till 500.000 Euros | 7%,
till 1 Mio. Euros | 6%,
till 3 Mio. Euros | 5%,
till 8 Mio. Euros | 4%,
higher 8 Mio. Euros | 3%.
Initial Payment after signing of the contract 0,05% of the value of the transaction. (In order to cover the initial expenses of documentation.)
Fee-Minimum 10.000 Euros.


Included services

Presentation Dossier and Executive Reports, Legal/Fiscal "First Opinion" Report, Estimation of Price, Strategic Analysis of the Operation, Selection of Potential Clients, Search for and Approach to Potential Clients, Candidate Selection, Confidentiality Letters, Talks and delivery of information, Negotiation of price and conditions, Letter of Intent (non-binding)


Optional services

Valuation Report, Accounting/Financial Documentary Preparation, Business Plan, Performance of due diligence review, Assistance (Juridical/Fiscal), Contingencies, Drawing up legal sale or purchase contract, Notary and Business Register services.